Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Naked Clean San Diego, California Based Cleaning Company Celebrates Seven Years of Non Toxic, Green Cleaning with Probiotic Solutions.

San Diego, California (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Stripped Clean, a San Diego-based cleaning organization, was one of first to create probiotic cleaning items in 2007 as an approach to clean client homes without utilizing dangerous chemicals that might be unsafe to wellbeing and to the earth. After field testing in excess of seven years, in numerous diverse field provisions. The organization has demonstrated that cleaning with "great" microscopic organisms is both more viable and more secure than utilizing harmful cleaning items.

Most individuals just distinguish microscopic organisms as terrible germs that need to be murdered. Actually, be that as it may, short of what 1% of all microorganisms cause illness, as stated by Mayo Clinic. There are more microscopic organisms on an individual's hand than individuals on the planet. Truth be told, the human form is home to 100 trillion microbes. Without them, the human form wouldn't have the ability to process nourishment or even relax. Microorganisms are some piece of the parity of nature and are completely important to our great wellbeing.

This offset of nature is the general thought that Naked Clean utilizes. As one of the most seasoned types of life on Earth, microorganisms are absolutely a standout amongst the best with their speedy adjustment to ecological progressions. This is precisely what makes cleaning with lethal chemicals a risk, as these microorganisms take in to make due, as well as get safe. Therefore, the CDC has issued a Threat Report, cautioning that anti-toxin safe germs are having a noteworthy effect on human wellbeing.

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Microbes, both great and terrible, have existed together for 3.5 billion years and are always vieing for survival. In accordance with this parity of nature, Naked Clean is the first house cleaning organization to present the idea of utilizing great microbes, known as probiotics, to clean. Instead of utilizing poisonous cleaning items that germs figure out how to succeed, and are destructive to an individual's wellbeing and nature's domain, probiotics clean characteristically.

"Homes around San Diego are getting to be cleaner, as well as healthier," said Dave Leonhart, Naked Clean, Marketing Director. "By really including great microscopic organisms, Naked Clean has re-created housekeeping in a huge manner and is the first cleaning organization to work with probiotics to achieve this. So 'Obi-Wan' with the germs, as Naked Clean promoters, and may the "germs" be with you."

About Naked Clean

Bare Clean, is a San Diego based cleaning specialist administration. Bare Clean is Better Business Bureau authorize and contracts proficient, dependable, and encountered maids. It is one of the first cleaning specialist administrations to distinguish the wellbeing profits of utilizing Probiotics to clean homes. By utilizing non-lethal cleaners, the organization strives to keep it green and regular. Individuals, Pet and Planet Friendly®

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